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When a car crash occurs, very rarely is anyone truly prepared. Your vehicle is slowed down very rapidly often by an immovable force which often causes the vehicle to move in a direction. This is not often intended, which can lead to additional damage. While not all car accidents are the same and can occur in hundreds of thousands of ways, one of the most common is a SUV rollover accident. Because of the way that Sports Utility Vehicles are designed, they are often very top-heavy and have a higher center of gravity than a sedan or coupe vehicle. When a vehicle that is top-heavy with a high center of gravity is quickly turned, whether it is to avoid an accident or for another reason, the car can begin to roll without the need for an immovable object to initiate it.


Common SUV Misconceptions

It is important to note however that SUV rollover accidents are not the only type of rollover accident and all vehicles run the risk of rolling over in an accident. Often smaller cars can hit curbs violently or ditches which can lead to rollovers, but SUVs are notorious for rollovers occurring on flat dry roads without a tripping device. There are in fact some misconceptions about SUV Rollover Accidents that we would like to address:

  1. SUVs will not roll over if weighed down:

While it may seem like a heavier car would be harder to roll over, the fact is that SUVs are not designed to carry huge loads of weight. Over the past few years, we have noticed an increase of SUVs being used as family vehicles rather than their intended purpose. With increased weight, vehicles have more velocity and are harder to stop with standard equipment brakes, which can lead to tipping.

  1. SUVs are safe meant to be driven off the road:

How many times have you seen an SUV filled with people driving to a mountain top only to hear a jingle in a car commercial? Indeed, some vehicles are made to be driven off the road, but as more people continue to use them for family cars, car manufacturers are taking notice that they are not being used off the road which has to lead to an absence of safety equipment that would otherwise protect you in a rollover accident.


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