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 Rhode Island 18-Wheeler Injury Attorney Oversized loads, shifting loads and lost loads can cause serious accidents on Rhode Island highways — and catastrophic, life-changing injury to you or a family member. Commercial truck drivers traveling cross-country often subject themselves to long hours, and have been known to use drugs to stay awake, so they can complete their routes. They can be distracted and fatigued, and falsify driver logs that reflect an incorrect weight for their loads — weights that even an 18-wheeler big rig or semitrailer cannot safely carry. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed due to the negligence of a truck driver in a commercial trucking accident, my skilled Rhode Island 18-Wheeler Injury Attorney firm works hard to help you receive full financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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The reason that our government imposes weight restrictions on tractor trailers, and specifies how cargo should be fixed, is because accidents are caused by driver distraction and fatigue, improper training of drivers and improper loading of trucks.
Unfortunately, many trucking companies view these laws as a threat to their financial bottom lines. A bigger payload and corners cut in freight loading mean more money for them. These avoidable oversights can also result in accidents caused by blown tires and failed brakes. A truck’s extra weight increases stopping distance and reduces a driver’s ability to steer, causing violent rear-end crashes. Inadequately stacked, sealed and secured freight may shift, causing a truck to tip or jackknife. Falling freight can strike other vehicles, forcing drivers to swerve and crash.
These are just a few of the tragic consequences when a trucking company ignores the law and shirks its responsibilities. At The Law Office of Rhode Island 18-Wheeler Injury Attorney David Morowitz, Ltd., I use accident reconstructionists to demonstrate how the truck driver, his employer or a third party could be involved with loading cargo that defied regulations and was unsafe. If a trucker illegally bypassed a weigh station, falsified a log, loaded freight insufficiently, failed to use regulation tie-downs and tarps, or chose to overlook required pretrip inspections, innocent lives could be forever changed or lost.

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