Premises Liability and Negligent Security

Many property owners are unaware of the safety duties they owe to other individuals and their responsibility regarding premises liability. If left unattended, potholes, slick surfaces, open gates, swimming pools and other issues can prove to be unbelievably dangerous to a visitor. When this type of negligence or inadequate security results in an injury to an innocent victim, it is important that he or she is adequately compensated.

An approach that maximizes compensation, however, calls for a lawyer with a comprehensive knowledge of negligent security and premises liability. Contact my Providence law firm for help after your injury.

Experienced Negligent Security Representation From a Rhode Island Attorney

Having obtained over $50 million in verdicts and settlements in my handling of personal injury cases, I’ve seen almost every type of security negligence and premises liability. I, David Morowitz, am completely aware of the extent of the devastation that can result when someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time at a private, public, residential or commercial property. When someone ends up in this deeply unfortunate circumstance, it is important that he or she is compensated for the damages.

Assistance With All Premises Liability Accidents

I am ready and willing to apply my tested and methodical approach to personal injury in cases of catastrophic security/premises negligence, including:

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