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Providence Car Accidents Lawyer ImageCar accidents are some of the most common types of personal injury accidents, and, unfortunately, they are often the most serious.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were over a million auto accidents in the United States that resulted in injuries in the year 2000. The study conducted by the NHTSA indicated that a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident every 10 seconds and that someone is killed every 13 minutes in the United States.
Auto insurance adjusters will frequently make offers before the full extent of the injured parties’ conditions are known. The company’s goal is to provide the victim with as little money as possible. Instead, they’re paid to minimize the value of claims, not to advise about rights.

The Law Office of David Morowitz, Ltd., extends its quality representation to DUI accident victims who are injured due to dram shop liability issues. Rhode Island law states that bartenders, bar owners and homeowners may be liable for damages when an intoxicated patron, customer or visitor is over-served with alcohol, and then is involved in a motor vehicle accident, or when a minor is served before involvement in an accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone’s automotive negligence, it’s important that you are compensated to the maximum extent of the law. But in order to work toward an ideal resolution, it’s of paramount importance to work with the best personal injury lawyer you can find.

Rhode Island Auto Crash Lawyer

Because I’ve taken over 100 trials to verdict and obtained over 50 million dollars in verdicts and settlements in personal injury law, I, David Morowitz, am ready and committed to doing everything necessary to ensure you are compensated commensurate with your injury in cases related to:

  • SUV rollovers
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Railroad crossings
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Bus/car accidents

Providence Car Accidents Lawyer

My approach has worked for hundreds of clients, and I’m ready to use it in your case. To discuss any aspect of your automobile personal injury case in a free initial consultation, call The Law Office of David Morowitz, Ltd., at 401-226-0159.