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Boating Accidents

Because of the beautiful waterways that Rhode Island has, there’s ample opportunity for boating, personal watercraft and other water activities. Unfortunately, this means there is ample opportunity for boating accidents as well. Because I’ve been involved in a boating accident, I know the hardship it can cause. I was admitted in critical condition and spent a week in the intensive care unit. I was hospitalized for six weeks during which time I underwent 11 surgeries and suffered terrible constant pain. I was totally dependent on medical professionals. Even as I was recuperating, it would take me hours to just get out of the house, so I understand what my clients go through.

Rhode Island Jet Ski Accident Attorney

The experience gave me a greater empathy and understanding for the pain that victims of personal injury suffer, particularly in boating accidents. It’s worth noting that these types of accidents are rarely like a car accident — boats aren’t constructed to handle crashes, so the injuries tend to be much more severe.

I, David Morowitz, will use the approach I’ve developed, which has obtained an excess of 50 million dollars in verdicts and settlements in nearly two decades.

Providence Boating Accidents Attorney

In order to maximize compensation, however, it’s important to work decisively with a lawyer to examine the best possible course of action. I encourage you to get in touch with me. To discuss any aspect of your boating personal injury case in a free initial consultation, call The Law Office of David Morowitz, Ltd., at 401-226-0159 or e-mail me here.