Construction Accidents

Construction Accident Attorney ImageA study conducted by OSHA revealed that experiencing a construction accident is one of the most highly anticipated accidents in private worker fatalities across the nation. Construction accidents account for more than 20% of the fatalities reported each year. Working on construction sites is a high risk vocation and the effects can be fatal.

Providence Construction Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction-related accident, it’s important to understand the next steps. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is not the only option. If construction safety regulations and requirements are not followed by an employer, sub-contractor or the site manager and someone is badly injured, a personal injury claim can be filed. In order to effectively and efficiently maximize compensation for the injured parties, it’s important to turn to a dedicated, experienced and compassionate attorney.

Rhode Island Job Site Injury Lawyer

I, David Morowitz, represent injured construction workers and their families to ensure that injured parties in construction accidents are maximally compensated for their injuries and resulting hardships. I handle all construction-related accident claims, including:

  • Contractor negligence/subcontractor negligence
  • Equipment failure cases
  • Falls and falling object cases
  • Scaffolding failures


Because of the nature of construction work, the injuries sustained tend to be catastrophic, permanent and even fatal. The effects of a work accident such as a fall caused by an unsecured ladder that results in multiple spinal fractures is just too severe to be simply eased by workers’ compensation benefits alone.

The most common types of injuries experienced by construction workers on construction sites are:

  • Head trauma and injuries
  • Injuries from being run-over by equipment
  • Broken bones and internal injuries from falls and explosions
  • Back and neck injuries

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, companies try to limit what employees are compensated to the domain of workers’ compensation. However an employee maybe entitled to more than just workers’ compensation. I have built a strong track record of success for my clients and their families. My prior experience in the legal field has equipped me with the knowledge to thoroughly investigate construction accidents cases uncovering hard facts and evidence easily overlooked by a less experienced personal injury attorney. I’m dedicated to working for you in your construction accident claim and dedicating the attention and time your case deserves.

If you’ve been injured due to a construction accident you need to know your rights and deserve experienced legal representation. To discuss your case call Providence Construction Accident Attorney David Morowitz at 401-274-5556 to schedule your free initial consultation or e-mail me here.