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Nursing Home Medical Malpractice AttorneyAn estimated 2.1 million seniors a year experience some form of nursing home abuse or neglect. This number is astonishing, and something must be done to stop establishments from mistreating their patients. If you suspect you or a loved one is a victim, contact a Nursing Home Medical Malpractice Attorney. Those responsible must be put to justice to compensate those harmed, hold the guilty party accountable and prevent others from experiencing similar abuse.

Nursing Home Obligations

When you place a loved one in a nursing home, you do so with the best intentions. You are trusting the facility to care properly for your elderly relative. This care includes giving them proper medical attention. However, some facilities get greedy and neglect patients to cut costs. As a result, patients may become very ill or even die. It is unacceptable and illegal. A skilled Nursing Home Medical Malpractice Attorney will hold the guilty party accountable.

Common violations include:

  • Mistakes in administering medications
  • Lack of medical attention from doctors and nurses
  • Ignoring medical problems
  • Insufficiently trained staff
  • Abusive staff

Proving Malpractice

To prove medical malpractice, you will need a Nursing Home Medical Malpractice Attorney. The medical community often covers up their wrongdoings and coworkers tend to have each other’s back. Nursing Home Medical Malpractice Attorney David Morowitz will conduct an investigation, at no cost to you. If he determines there have not been any violations, you will be able to sleep better at night. If he determines there has been malpractice, he will aggressively work your case.

David will have to prove the following:

  1. The nursing home had a duty to care for the patient (if you or your family member was their patient this is a given)
  2. The nursing home breached their duty
  3. The breach of duty harmed the patient

As an experienced Nursing Home Medical Malpractice Attorney, David is very skilled at proving his case. Our law office only employees one attorney because David believes in delivering the highest quality personal care. If he finds any form of malpractice, he will personally put forth the intense effort to prove the misconduct. He has won his clients a total of $50 million.

Free Consultation

If you suspect you or a loved one was a victim, the first step is to schedule your free consultation with Nursing Home Medical Malpractice Attorney David Morowitz. If David decides to represent you, there is never any out of pocket expense. The consultation and investigation are free, and he will not charge you any legal fees until he wins your case. Call David today at 401-274-5556.