Medical Negligence Attorney

Medical Negligence AttorneyPatients put their total trust in a doctor. And most of the time those doctors do anything and everything to ensure patients receive effective quality care. But when the level of care falls short, the consequences can be disastrous. In those unfortunate circumstances, a medical negligence attorney is a real asset to the patient and his or her family. If you have experienced any of these circumstances, it’s time to seek out legal representation.

Poor Diagnosis

If your doctor has failed to diagnosis a medical problem or misdiagnosed a problem, it is a serious breach of the standard of care. A medical negligence attorney can determine the extent of this breach and evaluate whether your claim will hold up in court. Not all instances of poor diagnosis are examples of medical negligence.

Surgery Errors

Surgery is a delicate process by definition. And the outcomes are often uncertain. But if you believe that you were subjected to unnecessary surgery, or that your surgeon made an error during the procedure, it could qualify as medical negligence. A medical negligence attorney has the legal expertise to determine if you have a case and what kind of settlement you could be entitled to.

Problems with Medication

Patients who have been prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong amounts of medication can suffer severe medical consequences. Rather than accepting pain, suffering, or a diminished quality of life, call a medical negligence attorney. These kinds of claims are complicated, so you will want to have legal and medical experts on your side.

Ineffective After Care

Your relationship with your doctor does not end after you leave the office or check out of the hospital. And often the worst consequences appear once you’re out of the watchful eye of medical professionals. If you believe that you were released too early or received ineffective after care, it could constitute medical negligence. Rely on a medical negligence attorney to fight for what is fair.

In any medical negligence case you can expect the defense to be expansive and aggressive. Give yourself a winning chance in court by calling medical negligence attorney David Morowitz at 401-274-5556.