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David Morowitz: Grand jury made the right decision in Eric Garner case

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Patient Awarded Nearly $2 Million [1999-01-02]:

TRACY BRETON Journal Staff Writer. The Providence Journal.
Providence, R.I.: Jan 2, 1999. pg. A.03

A jury finds periodontist Peter A. Payne was negligent when he performed implant surgery on a woman who claimed severe nerve damage as a result. Payne is appealing the verdict.
Jurors found that [Peter A.] Payne was negligent in his treatment of [Deborah] Jimenez, a former Portsmouth resident who now lives in Oro Valley, Arizona. They also found that Payne

Payne didn’t give Jimenez a written consent form to sign and never told her of the risks associated with implant surgery, the jury found, even though he wrote in her medical chart that he had advised her of the risks three times before the surgery. [David] Morowitz said he argued to the jury that Payne’s handwriting was squeezed on that portion of the chart, indicating Payne had added this “after the fact,” something the periodontist denied.

ACCORDING TO testimony and evidence presented by Morowitz, Payne inserted implants into the nerve canal below Jimenez’s left two rear molars, which resulted in nerve damage, numbness and “electric shock-like pain.”

Jury Finds Hospital Negligent in Baby’s Delivery [1997-05-29]:

JAMES A. MEROLLA Journal-Bulletin Staff Writer. Providence Journal – Bulletin.

Providence, R.I.: May 29, 1997. pg. B.01

The mother of a quadriplegic child, delivered at 27 weeks by emergency Cesarean section, is awarded nearly $3.6 million in damages from Westerly Hospital. The hospital plans to appeal.

Jury Determines J & W Liable in Death of Student [1995-05-11]:

DOANE HULICK Journal-Bulletin Staff Writer. Providence Journal.

Providence, R.I.: May 11, 1995. pg. D-17

The panel awards $434,020 to the family of James M. Brown Jr., 27, who died from an allergic reaction to seafood he ate in a school facility.

The jury in a wrongful-death lawsuit has awarded $434,020 to the family of a Johnson & Wales University culinary arts student who died from an allergic reaction to shrimp he ate in a school dining hall two years ago.

The suit alleged that Johnson & Wales was negligent because it failed to take steps to prevent Brown’s death. [David Morowitz] argued that Johnson & Wales personnel knew [James M. Brown Jr.] was allergic to shrimp but did nothing to see that he got medical attention.

Peter Leach, who represented Johnson & Wales at trial, said “a mistake was made, and the kid was served a shrimp egg roll.” Leach maintained, however, that if Brown had acted on Johnson & Wales’ advice, “he would have lived.”

State’s Lead Prosecutor in Burt Family Case Resigns to Join Private Practice [1993-12-21]:

Providence Journal. Providence, R.I.: Dec 21, 1993. pg. D-04

Asst. Atty. Gen. David Morowitz, who has been the lead prosecutor in the state’s case against a Cumberland family accused of running a crime ring, yesterday announced he will leave the attorney general’s office at the end of next month to enter private practice with the firm of Decof & Grimm.

Morowitz, who has worked almost exclusively on the case since police raided the Burt family’s compound in June, last week unsuccessfully sought higher bail for a Burt son, [Dennis Burt], 29, asserting that he had a “mission” to kill Morowitz and witnesses if freed.