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Boating Accident AttorneyIt goes without saying the Rhode Island is the “Ocean State”. Because of our location being so close to the beautiful waters people love to go out on their boats and have a great time. Unfortunately, not every trip out on the boat goes as planned and can results in serious injuries or even death. If you have been injured in a boating accident it is important that you contact a Rhode Island Boating Accident Attorney.

If you have been injured in a boating accident you may not know what your next step should be to move forward. You are more than likely going to be facing an insurmountable pile of bills that you will not have the money to pay. On top of bills if you have not been able to work due to you injuries you will need assistance for even you day to day spending. At the Law Office of Boating Accident Attorney David Morowitz we have been helping victims of boating accidents for the past decade and this summer we want you to know that if you need us we are here for you. When you contact out office we will conduct a thorough investigation to make sure that we completely understand your case and arm you with the information you need to move forward. Our goal as a Rhode Island Personal Injury Firm along with our Boating Accident Attorney is to get our clients the best results 100% of the time.

Common Boating Injuries

Just last month was Boating Safety Week where the United States Coast Guard provides assistance to boaters so that they can stay safe. Over the past 6 years nearly 25,000 boating accidents have occurred which has caused over 15,000 people to be injured and over $100,000,000 in property damage. Many of these injuries were the result of unsafe boating habits including not having enough life jackets on board at the time of the accident.

In Rhode Island there are thousands of boating accidents every year and even more than that are unreported. Some of the major causes of boating accidents in Rhode Island are:

  • Speeding
  • Collisions
  • Inexperienced Operators
  • Failing To Have A Proper Look Out
  • Alcohol Related / Boating Under The Influence
  • Distraction Of Operator

In Rhode Island one of the deadliest things that you can do is to drink and drive whether you are in a car or on a boat. Drinking and boating often leads to collisions which is the most common cause of injuries reported to our Boating Accident Attorney.

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