New Safety Technologies That Prevent Car Accidents

Technological advances are debuting faster than ever. Not just in cell phones and computers, but with cars. From electric vehicles to cars that drive themselves, it’s almost hard to believe. But, some of the new features in cars can be more than just a novelty or lifestyle benefit. Some of them can prevent car accidents and maybe even save your life. Here are a few that are out there:

Forward Collision Systems

FCS is a system that allows the car to keep track of the vehicle in front of you. It measures how far away it is at all times. If the space between you and the car closes in, it notices and will break within a particular space. In some systems, it will give you a warning that you are getting too close before slamming on the breaks for you. The FCS feature can be helpful when life happens faster than you can react to it. Sometimes, even when you are paying attention, you might not think fast enough to hit the breaks. Or the person in front of you might break suddenly and without you realizing it. The sensors don’t have to process a thought to hit the breaks and are more attentive as a result. This feature will prevent car accidents for you, without you even thinking about it.

Rear View Cameras

Rear view cameras frequently prevent car accidents. Not only do they give you a better view of what’s behind you, but they can also guide you by letting you know the projected path of your vehicle according to the turn of your wheel. There are even kits that can be purchased if you have an older car or one that didn’t come with the camera option. They have gotten more affordable over the years and are easy to install. Most come with the possibility of having a professional install it for you.

Adaptive headlights

These headlights turn as you turn. They read your steering wheel and shine in the direction the vehicle is heading. This can make it easier to see where you are going and any vehicles that might be obstructing your intended path. This can be especially beneficial during bad weather and pitch black nights. Every little bit helps to prevent car accidents. Adaptive headlights might seem like they wouldn’t make a difference, but when it’s a dark and rainy night; it might keep you from hitting another car or driving through a deep pothole. And if someone is walking around the corner you’re turning; they’ll be just as grateful for those rotating headlights as you will.

Active Park Assist

This is an option that allows the car to parallel park for you. There are plenty of people who have tried to get into a parking space and have hit or skid along another vehicle. With this system, you don’t have to worry about any little corners you can’t see or get too close. The car’s sensors will read how close the other cars are and adjust accordingly. The car knows when to slow down, when to turn the steering wheel and when to stop. It doesn’t require any interaction from the driver, just an appropriate amount of space. They are a relaxing way to prevent car accidents, taking all the work and stress out of parallel parking.

The Hard Truth

There is no way to eradicate car accidents. As long as there are vehicles on the roads, there will be accidents. Modern technology can help prevent car accidents, but it can’t stop them from happening altogether. The best you can hope for is a vehicle that makes your driving experience a little easier and maybe more enjoyable. There are always new technologies hitting the market. You can read about a few of them here. Sure, they will cost a little more. But, you have to consider if it is an investment. If you are always backing into shopping carts in parking lots, that rear view camera might come in handy. What you spend on the camera, you may save in insurance claims.

When you have a car accident, the last thing you need to concern yourself with is what you could have done differently and what could have prevented it. You need to worry about your health and making sure that all legal aspects are taken care of. You want to make two phone calls. Your insurance company and an attorney. The insurance company will determine liability, and your attorney can inform you of any possible outcomes. You want to feel secure that any medical expenses are covered and know what your options are for repairs or replacement of your car. Accidents happen, what happens after is best guided by professionals.