Rhode Island Birth Injury Attorney

Most pregnancies bring happy times for a family. Unfortunately, birth injuries occur occasionally, which may sour this happiness. Birth injuries create a painful and traumatic situation for families. As of 2006 157,700 injuries occurred to babies and mothers that could’ve been avoided. You might wonder what a birth injury is. What your options are if medical malpractice is a play. How can a Rhode Island birth injury attorney help your case? We’ll explain what birth injury is along with some examples, and how you can fight back.

What Is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury occurs when any medical staff or hospital acts negligently. Three types of birth injury may occur. The Child or mother could sustain an injury during pregnancy or delivery. Wrongful birth happens when medical staff fails to provide parents with information about birth defects that might cause them to avoid or end a pregnancy. Wrongful pregnancy occurs when parents try to abort or avoid pregnancy, but fail because of medical staff error.

Examples of Birth Injuries

Delivery Injuries

Medical staff or a hospital may cause birth injury if they unsuccessfully attempt to control excessive maternal blood loss after the delivery. They could use delivery instruments in properly and cause physical injury to the child. A doctor could fail or delay to perform a cesarian section when necessary. Medical staff could create placenta abruption by injuring the mother. As long as the medical staff acted negligently, you may have a case for malpractice

Wrongful Birth

Wrongful birth medical malpractice typically occurs when a doctor fails to warn the parents about a child’s birth defects before birth. The parents may have used the information to avoid pregnancy, or terminate it. Wrongful birth happens when a doctor performs negligent genetic testing on the parents before conception. The parents may carry genetic diseases that they wouldn’t want to pass on to a child. The doctor must inform the parents of any genetic issues, and ensure they perform the test correctly. Another example is if a doctor or medical facility fails to detect physical or mental issues in the beginning stages of pregnancy through negligence. A doctor could fail to diagnose a mother with an illness like rubella, and a child develops congenital rubella syndrome. CNS may cause deafness, eye problems, and heart malformations.

Wrongful Pregnancy

Parents might have a case for wrongful pregnancy if they attempted to terminate or avoid the pregnancy. If medical staff is negligent and performing a pregnancy test, abortion, or sterilization malpractice may occur. A doctor failing to conduct a sterilization on both fallopian tubes is considered wrongful pregnancy.

How Can You Fight Back Against Medical Malpractice?

Make sure you save every type of document related to the event. If your case involves tests, make sure you keep all the results. Get a second opinion from another doctor if you feel like something went wrong. Never sign any document medical or hospital staff brings you if they admit fault. They may try to settle quickly to avoid a much bigger payout. Find a Rhode Island birth injury attorney as soon as possible. A good Rhode Island birth injury attorney will determine whether or not you have a case. It’s important to find an attorney to ensure your case gets adequately handled.

How Can a Rhode Island Birth Injury Attorney Help Your Case?

Rhode Island birth injury attorneys will help in several different ways. They know all the laws surrounding birth injury and will use that to build a strong case. An attorney with experience in the field knows all the traps, and how to avoid them. A Rhode Island birth injury attorney knows how to negotiate with hospitals and medical professionals to make sure you get the most money possible. They know how much pain and trauma comes with these cases and want to make sure you receive the money you need to move forward. Your Rhode Island birth injury attorney can bring in experts to help determine if malpractice occurred. These experts help to build a strong case in the eyes of the court. They may also get the defendant to settle quicker. Your attorney will handle all the hard legal issues so you can grieve properly.


Birth injuries may occur during all phases of pregnancy. It’s important to find a good Rhode Island birth injury attorney to determine if your case involves malpractice. The Rhode Island birth injury attorney will ensure you put forward the best possible case and receive the highest settlement. A Rhode Island injury attorney will use their extensive understanding of the law to fight back against the medical professional and or institution that acted negligently. The attorney will use their experience to get you the outcome you deserve for your pain and suffering. Make sure you hire an attorney to ensure your complex case gets handled properly.