The Psychological Impact of a Car Accident: Car Accident PTSD

A car accident is a very traumatic event. The sudden strike of the car is enough. But, the shaking of your body and everything that comes after just adds to it. It is common for there to be psychological repercussions afterward. In some cases, it may be stress, and in others, it may be PTSD. Car accident PTSD is more common than you may think. What you may not know is that you may be entitled to compensation for your PTSD as well as any physical injuries you may have suffered during a car accident.

Car Accident PTSD

PTSD is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This occurs when you have a traumatic experience, and you frequently relive the experience. Suffering trauma can cause your mind to get stuck playing back the events. Additionally, being in a setting similar to where the trauma occurred can trigger your PTSD. This makes car accident PTSD especially difficult. Unfortunately, in the U.S. most people have to drive to get from one place to another. Therefore, you have to put yourself right back in the situation that causes you stress.

Car accident PTSD can pop up at the most inopportune times. You don’t get to choose when you suffer from a flashback or a panic attack. Car accident PTSD can be especially difficult when you experience a death during an accident. Sitting next to a family member or friend when they pass away can be extremely painful. Additionally, you may feel like you’re partially responsible their death and this can increase the emotional trauma of the event.

Treating PTSD

PTSD can be a very serious issue. You will want to seek treatment, as soon as you can. It can interrupt your work and personal lives, as well as your health. Both physically and mentally. It is something that can be fixed or at least made a little better. But, the only way to know what steps to take is to speak to a professional. You’ll want to talk to a counselor or psychologist. Call someone and make an appointment, as soon as you can.

You can start your research here, while you are waiting to be seen. At the least, they will tell you it will go away. But, if not you will get the help you need. The sooner you go through treatment, the less you will suffer and the better you will feel. You were in an accident, something that wasn’t your fault. There is no reason for you to suffer for it.

Financial Implications

One thing that many people do not consider after an accident is the emotional and mental toll an accident can have on an individual. If the accident was not your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. People with PTSD face a stigma. Because this type of injury can’t be seen from the outside, it is easy to dismiss. However, someone that has PTSD understands just how real this condition is.

PTSD can require treatment for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, there is no cure for PTSD; you can only hope to keep it in check. Therefore, it is very likely that you will experience plenty of medical bills. Luckily for you, if you were not at fault in the accident, the other person’s insurance company may cover the cost. This is one of the hidden costs that many people don’t consider when they account for their medical bills from a car accident.

Morowitz Law Can Help

David Morowitz and his staff understand the psychological impacts of car accidents. Therefore, they are ready to help you receive the treatment that you need as well as compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t be responsible for footing the bill if the accident wasn’t your fault. Morowitz Law will help you recover the maximum amount of money from all of the responsible parties. The Law Office of David Morowitz has decades of experience helping those who suffer injuries in a car accident. We don’t just cover people with physical injuries but psychological injuries as well.

If you were in an accident and it wasn’t your fault contact The Law Office of David Morowitz today.