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Experienced Newport Cliff Walk Injury Attorney

Newport Cliff Walk Injury Attorney David Morowitz has recovered over $50 million in verdicts and settlements for his personal injury clients. He understands the hardships families face when impacted by unforeseen tragedies beyond their control. Over the years, Attorney Morowitz has served as lead counsel in several personal injury cases including catastrophic injuries. In that time frame, he has seen a wide range of personal injury stories. He’s witnessed many cases of business owners, private residences, and public property falling below the legal standards to keep individuals safe.

The Newport Cliff Walk is one of such places. This majestic stretch of the Newport shoreline was designed to grant public access to the architectural and natural beauty of Newport, Rhode Island. Unfortunately named among the beauty of the Newport Cliff Walk are several instances of severe personal injuries. The walk spans over three miles of the shoreline. A large portion of the walk is in favorable condition for use by the public. More than one-third of the passage has been reported as difficult to tread, resulting in many personal injury claims.

Newport Cliff Walk Personal Injury Cases

Paralyzed Brooklyn Cliff Walk Victim

Newlywed Couple Injured on Newport Cliff Walk

The trauma and suffering caused by the negligence of others in relation to the Newport Cliff Walk is an alarming look at the larger picture of personal injury cases across our country. Everyday innocent people are placed in harms way due to the lack of responsibility of another party. Sometimes as fate would have it those negligences play out on a much larger scale, destroying the futures of the victims and creating extreme hardship in their families. Attorney Morowitz knows this scenario all to well and fights everyday to resolve it.

Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney David Morowitz will represent your best interests in the case of Newport Cliff Walk related injuries and personal injuries you’ve suffered at large. Attorney Morowitz combines his passion for protecting the rights of people with his aggressive legal strategies to get victims and their families the compensation they deserve. For a free consultation with Newport Cliff Walk Injury Attorney David Morowitz call (401) 274-5556 to discuss the details of your case today.