Negligent Security Accidents: How Can They Harm You?

negligent security accidentsProperty owners are legally required to ensure that your property is safe and secure always. Any failure to do so, on your part, can result in the property owner being charged for any damages that arise because of negligent security accidents.

At Morowitz Law, we understand that there can be more than just a few casualties because of negligent security accidents. Victims may encounter a wide scope of harm to their person (because someone broke in) – and this includes any charge of assault or murder that arises thanks to negligent security accidents. Or murder. Because of advances in computer technology, any cyber-attacks can easily be classified as part and parcel of negligent security accidents, as well.

If you’ve been the victim of negligent security accidents, you need to contact Morowitz Law immediately so we can assess the extent of the damages against you, and see if you have a case against the owner of the property for negligent security accidents.


What are some of the things you need to know about negligent security accidents?

Herein lies the main issue with negligent security accidents: for you to have a case against the owner of the property for any damages you suffer while on the property, you must prove that the proprietor did not respond to everything that was required of him or her to take all reasonable measures to protect the property. If all reasonable steps were taken, and something happened to you on the property anyway, it will be tough to prove that you were the victim of negligent security accidents.

In Rhode Island, it is required by law that property owners take every opportunity to prevent any negligent security accidents from happening on their property. On the off chance that they don’t, people who have been injured on the property can recoup remuneration from the owner, and it would fall under the heading of negligent security accidents.

Property owners and their management companies have a responsibility to their visitors to make reasonable efforts to keep their premises safe. There are many types of accidents that come under premises liability law, including slips and falls due to a slippery or uneven surface and making sure any construction site accidents are prevented by taking reasonable precautions.

Property owners also have a responsibility to prevent any foreseeable criminal acts by keeping their premises secure using technology or a security company. Poor lighting or lax security that allows an assault to happen is just as dangerous as a wet or slippery floor.


What Else Constitutes Negligent Security Accidents?


There are a few of other things that constitute negligent security accidents, aside from the ones we discussed above.

Many conditions make a place the ideal area for ruthless criminals. Both the administration and the proprietor of property have a fundamental obligation to keep these conditions from turning into the ideal environment for wrongdoing. Inability to meet this standard can constitute an infringement of premises risk and can emerge from many components including:


  1. Not lighting an area sufficiently, especially in a high-crime or otherwise unsafe area: Negligent security accidents can happen, in cases like this, because guests might be harmed by falls or attacked while strolling down a dark path.
  1. Ineffectively prepared security staff: Security monitors who neglect to play out their obligations because of carelessness, failure to prepare for the inevitable, or inexperience in providing sufficient security. Regardless of how it happened, however, if a security guard fails to do his job to protect you, you can sue the proprietor for being a victim of negligent security accidents.
  1. Inability to secure property passage: When side entryways or doors are left open and opened, this makes the property a prime breeding ground for break-ins and, ultimately, violent crimes. If this has happened to you, you can certainly sue the owner of the property for failing to sufficiently insure your safety and security.
  1. The absence of surveillance cameras: If a property doesn’t have surveillance cameras, or has a security system that has failed at the wrong time, the property will become a prime target for robbery, arson, or something worse. This can leave people like you vulnerable to attack.


In each of these circumstances, there is a predictable hazard that is not legitimately overseen by the capable party. These violations are preventable if the proprietors consider their obligations important and take the necessary steps to protect the property – and, more importantly, you.

While past results do not guarantee future success, Morowitz Law has a reputation for being the premier attorney representing the victims of negligent security accidents. We offer a free, no obligation consultation to all our prospective clients, so to find out if we can help you with your negligent security accidents case, contact us today.