Where Are the Motorcycle Owners?

Motorcycle owners know that accidents happen all the time. Whether you are still learning and accidentally lay your bike flat, or you have experience riding a motorcycle, but someone didn’t see you coming, they are far too frequent. The data alone on these cases are abundant and something to consider. Just how safe are you, as a motorcycle owner? How frequently do these accidents happen?

Motorcycle Owners: Accident Statistics

In 2013, there was a decrease in motorcyclist deaths which might make some motorcycle owners happy. However, the number remained at over four and a half thousand deaths. There were around eighty-eight thousand motorcyclist injuries in that same year, which is a five percent increase from the previous year. In 2012, there were almost five thousand deaths and around ninety-three thousand injuries.

In 2013, motorcyclists accounted for fourteen percent of all traffic fatalities, which is four percent of all people injured. Of these crashes, 94 percent were motorcycle owners, and six percent were their passengers. Seventy-four percent of motorcycle crashes were frontal collisions, and only six percent were struck from behind. Motorcycles that are involved in fatal collisions tend to involve fixed objects and not other vehicles.

In 2013, twenty-two percent of the motorcycle accidents were with fixed objects; eighteen percent were with cars, fourteen percent with small trucks and four percent with larger trucks. Forty-two percent of the crashes involved the other vehicle making a left turn while the motorcycle owners were going straight or passing the other vehicle. There was only twenty-one percent which involved both vehicles going straight.

In 2013, thirty-four percent of all motorcycle owners in accidents were considered speeding, which means that the officers attributed the accident to be caused by racing, excessive speeds or anything above the speed limit. Twenty-one percent of accidents are attributed to speeding with a car, eighteen percent of smaller truck drivers and eight percent of larger trucks.

Motorcycle Owners: Global Locations

Forty-Four countries were surveyed, and about thirty-five percent were found to have a car that worked and at home. The United States is pretty close to the top o the list, though most Americans are driving less. This puts us right next to Italians who are at eighty-nine percent. Seven European Union counties average around seventy-nine percent owning a car. There are also high car ownership rates in other countries with stronger economies, like South Korea and Japan. Generally, around the world there are more motorcycles on the road than cars.

Approximately forty-two percent of the forty-four countries surveyed say that they have a bicycle that works at home. Eight in ten Germans say they have a bike, but in the U.S. only about fifty-three percent of us have one. Bicycles tend to be more common in Asia, the EU and America.

Areas in Africa and the Middle East are less likely to have them. They are also more popular in stronger economies than emerging markets. While they are less common than cars and bicycles in much of the world, motorcycle owners are prolific in South and Southeast Asia. There are over eight in ten who own a scooter in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The next highest populations are in China (at sixty percent), India (at forty-seven percent) and Pakistan (at forty-three percent).

Though the United States is home to Harley Davidson, it rates fairly low, with only fourteen percent of motorcycle owners. The advanced economies that rank highest on the list are Italy, home of the Vespa and to twenty-six percent of motorcycle owners; and Greece, which has twenty-three percent. It is, however, worth mentioning that the survey was about ownership and not use. While there are people who own these forms of transportation, they might not necessarily use them frequently.

Motorcyle Accident Lawyer

Laws about motorcycles and accidents involving them can get very complex. If you find yourself in an accident with a motorcycle or you are a motorcycle owner, you will need to find someone who understands these laws. Their experience in this focus will be an incredible asset to you in the event of an accident. They will know how best to maneuver your case and what strategies will work best. Having seen all the tactics before and how they will play out, you need an attorney with years and years of experience.

The person who represents you in your case needs to have your best interest at heart but also needs to be someone who will win this battle for you. These cases can end up costing thousands and thousands of dollars. And whether you pay that check or the insurance company can rest on your defense. You can start your search here.