Top 3 Most Disturbing Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical Malpractice Cases: Top 3 Most Disturbing

Needing surgery or treatment for a serious illness is a stressful, scary experience. Having a doctor that you put your trust in mess up your procedure and putting your life at risk double the anxiety. People going through medical malpractice cases suffer mentally, physically, and financially. The litigation process is long; the healing process is longer.

On the other hand, doctors that commit medical malpractice feel the burden of their actions for the rest of their lives. While professional medical personnel goes through years of schooling and training to reach their positions, this imperfect world leaves room for error. Stress, distractions, and anxiety lead to costly mistakes that haunt doctors for the rest of their lives.

Medical malpractice lawsuits shock and horrify the world. Below are three medical malpractice suits that affect people like you. 


1. Man Walks Away With Millions After Amputation Gone Wrong

In 1995, Willie King walked into the University Community Hospital in Tampa, Florida only to never walk again. Disease ravaged one of his legs, which badly needed amputation. The medical staff working made a series of mistakes leading up to a horrifying conclusion.

The amputation procedure was successful; Mr. King woke up without a leg. However, it was the healthy leg. Dr. Ronaldo R. Sanchez amputated the incorrect appendage, lead to one of the most famous medical malpractice lawsuits ever.

Mr. King “walked away” with $900k from the hospital and an additional $250k from Dr. Sanchez personally. The surgeon also paid $10k in fines and a six-month medical suspension. Mr. King lost both his legs.


2. Veteran Loses Knapsack

In 2008, 47-year old Air Force veteran Benjamin Houghton faced one of the toughest battles any man can face. After experiencing pain and shrinkage in the left testicle, doctors diagnosed him with cancer. Removal was the best course of action.

On June 14th, West Los Angeles VA Medical Center admitted Houghton for the procedure. A clerical error as well as the surgeon’s failure to denote the right surgical area ended up costing Houghton his healthy testicle. In the end, the patient lost both in an attempt to stave off cancer. Houghton filed a $200k lawsuit and won in 2013. The chief of staff for the Greater Los Angeles VA system formally apologized to Houghton, and the hospital changed its practices to prevent future malpractice incidents.


3. Woman Ends Up Needing Another Hole In The Head

In November 2007, an 82-year old woman underwent an operation to stem bleeding flowing from her brain to her skull. A CAT scan found the bleeding occurred on the left side of the brain, but the surgeons at Rhode Island Hospital initially drilled a hole on the right side of the skull.

Luckily, the resident surgeon caught the mistake early on. They closed the hole and proceeded to do the operation successfully on the right– or, rather– correct side. Fortunately, the woman survived, and the hospital paid a $50k fine. However, the same hospital housed two similar incidents that very same year. One of these mistakes led to the death of an 86-year old man. The events resulted in a state-ordered neurosurgery checklist implemented at the hospital.


Medical Malpractice Attorney David Morowitz

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