How do you know if you need a personal injury attorney?

need a personal injury attorneyIf you’ve been injured in an accident of any kind – be it on the job, in a car, or even on a construction site – you may be wondering if you need a personal injury attorney to handle your case. At Morowitz Law, we understand that there’s some suspicion when it comes to dealing with attorneys, especially if you don’t know what to expect from a personal injury attorney. And while you may think you can handle your case on your own, there are certainly some times where needing a personal injury attorney is not only advisable, it’s required.

When do you need a personal injury attorney?

At Morowitz Law, if you run into any one of these situations, we recommend hiring an experienced, competent personal injury attorney from our firm.

You and the insurance company cannot come to an agreement

Here’s the unfair, and harsh, truth about insurance companies: their job is to protect their bottom line (read: their money). The more of their money they must part with to satisfy their claim against you, the harder they will fight you. And that means that, eventually, you will reach a point that you cannot come to an agreement with them. Maybe they don’t want to pay for all your medications. Maybe they don’t want to pay for your physical therapy. Or maybe they simply don’t want to pay for anything at all. Whatever the case, if you’ve reached an impasse with the insurance company, you need to hire an attorney immediately.

You’re going after a governmental entity

If you were injured in a place where the state or federal, government is “in charge,” you are technically suing the government to compensate you for your injuries. This also means that they will be hiring the best attorneys to represent them – which means that you, too, should be hiring the best attorney to represent you.

You don’t know the law

Chances are, you don’t know the details of personal injury law the way an experienced, professional personal injury lawyer that you can find at Morowitz Law does. For that reason, you need to hire an attorney to handle all the intricate parts of your case that you otherwise are ill-equipped to handle. For more information on how a personal injury lawyer at Morowitz Law can help you with your case, contact us today.