Invokana Side Effects Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

The prescription drugs that you fill at your local pharmacy take a long path in getting on those shelves. The FDA has a process that works to ensure that the drugs on the market are safe for use, and this often involves rounds of clinical trials. There are times when some of the side effects of prescription drugs are worse than expected from the clinical trials. Invokana side effects have been seen to have a potentially dangerous. In some cases, it has had a deadly impact on the person taking it. These Invokana side effects have led to many class action lawsuits. You or a loved one may be eligible to participate in one of the class action suits.

What Is Invokana?

Johnson & Johnson introduced Invokana back in 2013 to assist patients with their blood sugar levels. This drug impacted the way that a patient’s kidneys would function to help lower the level of glucose in their blood. This drug soon became very popular even though the FDA requested more studies on potential side effects on the condition of releasing the drug to the market.

What Are Invokana Side Effects?

There is the potential for several grave Invokana side effects. Some users have reported kidney injuries to the point where there’s a sudden loss of function. This loss of kidney function can result in further health issues. Your kidneys help to filter your bloodstream, and experiencing renal failure means that they aren’t doing their job correctly. This failure can lead to a buildup of toxins in your blood. For instance, your kidneys typically remove excess potassium from your system, but if they aren’t working as they should be, this potassium will build up and may cause your heart to beat abnormally or even result in death. Depending on the severity of the renal failure, there’s a chance that it may not be reversible.

Stroke is another serious side effect of Invokana. A stroke occurs when your brain isn’t able to get the oxygen it needs because the blood flow has been cut off. This condition can result in cell death, and depending on when a person receives treatment, could result in their death, as well.

Another potential severe side effect is diabetic ketoacidosis. This condition is caused by your body not producing enough insulin to the point where your body starts to break down your fat for fuel. This side effect can result in serious complications, and may even end in death.

Urinary tract infections are a more common illness, but they are another potential side effect. Some of these UTIs can result in hospitalization for successful treatment.

What Is the Invokana Lawsuit?

In the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, there are about 178 cases as of March of 2017. This number is sure to have risen since then as more people become aware of their rights after experiencing Invokana side effects.

Timeline of a Class Action Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit starts with a document called a complaint as it’s a civil action. It’s a legal document stating why you, the Plaintiff, are bringing this suit against the drug manufacturer who is the defendant. A lawyer prepares it and files it in either the state or federal court. The complaint is given to the defendant to notify them of the suit. The defendant then has a certain amount of time that they can respond to the paperwork. This period is usually about three weeks time but can differ. No answer by the defendant may result in a default judgment, but often this case will go to trial or arbitration.

If the case is moving forward, there are several steps that take place before a trial or arbitration. There’s a period of discovery, where both parties exchange documentation. Both sides can also file motions to have portions of the case removed, and this can take a great deal of time. If still no agreement or settlement is made during these steps, a trial will happen. Either party can decide to have a jury trial. After the legal decision by the courts, either side also can choose to appeal to a higher court for a more favorable outcome for them.

There are many paths that a civil lawsuit can take. Starting from the beginning stages of filing a complaint with the court. That is why it’s advisable for a person that’s facing health problems due to a prescribed medication to get in touch with an attorney. This action can help to determine the proper legal recourse available to them.

What Should You Do If You’ve Taken Invokana and Experienced Side Effects?

If you’ve experienced side effects from taking the drug Invokana, you should consult with your doctor. You can learn about the next medical steps that need to be made to properly care for your condition and the Invokana side effects. You should also consult with a lawyer with prior experience in handling class action lawsuits involving damages from drug side effects to learn if you have a case.

If you or a loved one has experienced any of these severe side effects while taking Invokana, contact the Law Office of David Morowitz today. Let’s discuss the details of your case.