Morowitz Law: Compensation for the Most Common Cycling Injuries

common cycling injuriesRiding a bike can be fun, until you – unfortunately – get injured while doing so. At Morowitz Law, we’ll work tirelessly with you to get compensation for the most common cycling injuries. Whether they happened because of ignorance or negligence on the part of the perpetrator. Morowitz Law will make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for the most common cycling injuries.

What are the causes of the most common cycling injuries?

According to the American Association of Family Physicians, the most common cycling injuries are, in fact, the second-most common reason why people get injured in accidents. Car accidents being the most common reason. There are many reasons why the most common cycling injuries happen, but they all end up with the same result: you’re injured, and the quality of your life has changed forever.

Not Wearing a Helmet

Despite the best efforts of many organizations, there are many cyclists that they refuse to wear a helmet. Thus, bike riders can suffer from a variety of head injuries in the event of a fall or a crash. Head injuries, as doctors can attest, can negatively affect your quality of life for the rest of your life. So if you’ve suffered head injuries as a result of a bicycle crash, you need to contact Morowitz Law immediately. They can review the details of your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Car collisions

Another thing that can cause severe injuries while you’re riding your bike is a collision with a car. The sheer magnitude of a car, especially when placed against the small stature of a bike, can lead to broken bones, shattered backs, a coma, and even – in the most extreme cases – death. If you’ve been struck by a car while riding your bike, and your injuries are so extensive that the quality of your life has been compromised, contact Morowitz Law immediately.

While past results certainly do not guarantee future success, Morowitz Law is pleased to be the premier personal injury firm in Rhode Island that gets its clients the compensation they deserve for the injuries they are, unfortunately, suffering. If you’re suffering from some of the most common cycling injuries, and would like a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the details of your case, contact us today.