Five Of The Most Common Car Accident Injuries Suffered

While preventable, car accidents occur every day in society. Whether it be because someone took their eyes off of the road, or simple error due to road conditions, accidents happen. For example, say the road conditions are icy. However strong of a driver you may be, even the best struggle in such conditions. Perhaps a deer runs in front of your car; suddenly an accident can happen. Accidents happen to the best and the worst of drivers, as they strike as part of life.

What’s key is whether or not injuries occur as a result of the respective accidents. Car accident injuries can be incredibly serious. Using a one year guideline, more than 2.5 million Americans went to the emergency department for car crash injuries in 2012. Nearly 200,000 were then hospitalized for car crash injuries.

As you can see, injuries remain prevalent despite all of the precautions taken to prevent them. Seatbelts and airbags remain useful, but they cannot prevent all accidents. Let’s look into the most common accident injuries.

Five Of The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Neck Car Accident Injuries

Head injuries lead the way for most common car accident injuries due to the possibility of whiplash. Whiplash, the most commonly known car accident injury, is the act of your body jolting in one direction at high speed due to the crash. Let’s say you find yourself hit and each car is going 40+ MPH. When your car gets hit, your body is bound to thrust in one direction or another. Due to your body being unprepared for such motion, it strikes as a major change to your equilibrium. Whiplash harms the neck most often. General neck pain, inflammation, and muscle or ligament damage enter the possibilities when whiplash occurs.

Whiplash truly depends on the person, the speed of the accident, and the angle your body moves in. Regardless, whiplash impacts the neck in a major way.

Head And Back Car Accident Injuries-

In the event of an accident, your head jolts in various directions. This puts you at the risk of banging your head on the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the windows. Should you suffer a head injury, treating it with extreme caution will go a long way towards limiting the damage. Among head injuries, concussions, mild comas, short term and long-term cognitive problems, and even traumatic brain injuries serve as possible results. All of these possibilities negatively impact your present and future.

However, back injuries carry similar concern. While your head holds the brain, your back holds the spine. Any spinal cord damage bodes unwell for your future. Loss of control in the legs, arms, hands, feet or any part of the body spells trouble. Also look out for the possibility of a herniated disk. Herniated disks are less damaging, but still, cause their fair share of pain.

Chest Pain

Getting into a car accident after previously suffering any chest injury or illness spells major trouble. People who already suffered from such injuries deal with the potential for further damage to those injuries. Someone who previously suffered from heart problems faces the risk for cardiac arrest, for example. Internal bleeding exists as a possibility, and damage to internal organs can occur as well.

Due to the nature of the accident and its impact, trauma to the chest area also commonly occurs. This trauma may present itself in broken ribs, cracked ribs, and collapsed lungs. All of these possibilities create great danger for your overall health.

Skeletal Car Accident Injuries

Your bones are at great risk any time you are in a car accident. Any hard fall or high impact between the car and your body presents the possibility for bone damage. Broken bones are extremely common while swelling and ligament damage also commonly impact those in accidents. Remember, your entire body goes through the motions of a car accident injury. Thus, your entire body is at risk for potential injury. Perhaps your bones end up free of injury. Then, a torn ACL or severed limbs present potential other injury concerns. In the best case scenario with no ACL injury or severed limbs, know that the capability for permanent or temporary psychological damage exists as well.

Psychological Car Accident Injuries

Though commonly overlooked due to not being visible to the naked eye, psychological car accident injuries cause tremendous pain as well. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder often impacts drivers who recently were part of accidents. Additionally, drivers may feel unable to get back behind the wheel, putting themselves in difficult positions moving ahead. Your life must not worsen because of one accident. However strong of a driver you may feel, no driver is invincible. Remaining aware of the complicated injuries drivers face due to car accidents holds the key in driving safely. We hope none of you suffer such accidents, but we hope you remained vigilant and educated if you do.