Common Car Accident Injuries in a Rear End Accident

Being involved in a car accident is one of the greatest concerns for those who take the open road. Car accidents often injure people. Not only physically, but also emotionally and in their bank accounts. See, while people most often worry about the physical ramifications of car accidents, plenty of other factors must be considered as well. Among these factors is the law, which people understandably do not jump to think about after they were in an accident. Of course, while the most prevalent thoughts following accidents are about injuries, one interesting question is where people are most concerned about being injured, and how that lines up with where they are in reality most likely to be injured.

Car accident injuries are far more common than we would like, but knowing where the injuries most often occur helps to know where to look. Additionally, understanding the different possibilities may help you with a legal case against whoever caused the accident.

In the end, no one wishes to be in an accident at all. Accidents do happen, and the fallout matters just as much as the accidents themselves. Working with increased knowledge and a lawyer along your side can help you get through the trying time in the most seamless way possible.

Common Car Accident Injuries in a Rear-End Accident

Whiplash and Neck and Back Injuries

When rear-ended, your body often jolts forward in a way bodies are not meant to jolt. Your body can suffer various possible injuries through this process. When jolted forward, your neck and back find themselves at risk for further injury. One of the most common injuries of this kind exists as whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a sudden movement of the neck or chest occurs. This movement must be sudden enough to throw your body through an uncomfortable, unexpected jolt. This experience does not come with preparation time, so your body understandably loses the ability to react properly. Whiplash injuries differentiate, however, on a few different factors. These include the overall strength of the person suffering, the impact of the crash, and the speed.

While whiplash itself sounds daunting enough, other neck and back injuries can coincide with the potential harm. For example, ligament damage and swelling and pains often occur as well. Your body must be able to protect itself, but when rear-ended that time is not afforded to you.

Head and Psychological Injuries

Your head also often jolts in one direction or another when someone rear-ends your car. The head carries great concern, as it holds the brain and other important factors for your well-being. The jolting of the brain serves as a major concern.

Concussions often occur due to the nature of the accidents. Your brain gets thrown through a loop, and it fails to carry the punishment easily. When rear-ended, your head sometimes hits the steering wheel at high speed. That action negatively impacts the protection of your head, leading to plenty of potential damage Similarly, traumatic brain injuries happen in severe car accidents. While rear-ends do not usually fit into this category, if the car goes fast enough it remains possible. Comas serve as possibilities should your head hit a part of the car hard enough. 

Psychologically, the after effects of the accident often impact those who suffered. The inability to feel safe driving and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder serve as possibilities. Getting into an accident can be daunting for even the strongest of minds and drivers. One must not be blamed for any mental ramifications suffered. Anxieties and shock also work as possibilities worth remembering in the event you suffer an accident.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me?

While so far we explained potential injuries, you must not lose hope. In the event you suffer an accident caused by another driver, you deserve compensation. Not only for potential injuries, but also for potential psychological and financial ramifications suffered through the event. Working with a lawyer to break down what happened and why helps you get through the incident in the most seamless way possible.

Lawyers work to properly afford you with individualized attention, so your case does not go unheard. Once your case receives attention, should someone be at fault, you will work with the lawyer to ensure they do not walk without paying for what they did.

Remember, car accident injuries impact you for the present and future. Rather than accepting fault for something you did not cause, consider holding the accountable party at blame and ensuring it does not happen to someone else. Not only will it work to help you financially through your potential medical bills and more, but it will also give you the peace of mind of knowing you did all you could. Car accident injuries impact people every day. However, car accident lawyers work to ensure those who suffered do not suffer anymore. Help yourself out and give one a call.