3 Tips to Keep You Safe on Your Construction Site

Construction sites rank as some of the most dangerous worksites across all industry verticals. Every year hundreds of fatalities and thousands of severe injuries are recorded and traced back to construction sites. In many cases heavy machinery and equipment are reported as primary factors in these cases. Our Providence personal injury firm encounters these cases quite frequently. On numerous occasions an injury is caused by negligence of the company or poor equipment maintenance, or improper planning due to the foreman. Construction site accidents are common yet avoidable. Take a moment to review these 5 safety tips to keep you safe on-site.

1 – Be sure to clear the machinery area of unnecessary workers. People are amazed by the drilling of the holes and the lifting of massive equipment and this admiration lures them to watch the machinery in action. There’s nothing wrong with watching as long as you don’t get to close. Try to keep your work area cleared of unnecessary by-standers. This will keep them out of harm’s way.

2 – Be sure to use caution when loading your equipment. Many accidents occur during the process of loading up or unloading equipment needed for the project site. Extremely large or heavy equipment falls away easily and can quickly become unbalanced. Remember to use an experienced spotter to help navigate the process. Ensure that all tie-down procedures have been properly followed.

3 – Be sure to use extra caution during backing. Moving anything backwards leaves a large margin for error. This holds especially true on construction sites. When backing the machines always remember to utilize the backup alarms and wide-angle mirrors to assist you. These two tools are vital in helping you adjust your angles and navigation during any reverse motion.

These construction site tips are great to remember and use as guidelines but in the real world accidents do happen. Sometimes those accidents are unavoidable and caused by the negligence of another persons actions or lack there of. If you’ve been injured or suffered a loss from a construction site accident contact our office immediately. Time is of the essence and can play a major factor in the outcome of your case. Call 401. 274.5556 to schedule a consultation.