3 Common Medical Malpractice Mishaps

It can be difficult to believe that medical malpractice is much more common than we would like to acknowledge. As a result of the level of trust and confidence we must put into physicians and hospitals we seldom question their skill and experience. Medical malpractice is a much more frequent scenario than most people are aware of. Some physician mistakes happen more than others. Here we’ve examined the top 3 most common medical malpractice occurrences and the oversights that can cause them.

Errors While Administering Anesthesia

The administering of anesthesia is a very popular practice in health care procedures. Anesthesia is given to place patients in a more relaxed state of being before undergoing a particular type of medical treatment. Anesthesia is normally used during intense or invasive procedures such as surgeries.

Many of the mistakes we’ve noted here primarily occur in hospitals and under the care of physicians. This particular, medical malpractice commonly occurs in places outside of hospitals including cosmetic surgery centers and dental practices.

Incorrect Drug Prescriptions

Drug errors and incorrect prescriptions is one of the most common medical malpractice claims to date. In these claims patient are prescribed or administered the wrong type or amount of medicine. Physicians or staff mistakenly writes down the wrong drug or the wrong directions. This form of medical malpractice is more common among seniors or other patients who are taking a large number of different medications on a daily basis.

Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis accounts for a major portion of medical malpractice claims as well as misdiagnosis. When a diagnosis is missed or delayed it can have a serious impact on the patient’s well being and opportunity for improving their condition. Many misdiagnoses occur in cancer and heart attack cases. The outcome of these conditions could be greatly improved with earlier detections and focused treatment.

Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Attorney

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