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  • Compassion For Your Needs
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 Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Innocent victims of serious and catastrophic injury in accidents caused by negligence, and families struggling with devastating wrongful death tragedies have one thing in common — they need help, and they need it now.

An experienced, compassionate personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of success can work hard to win the full financial compensation you need to cover all accident-related expenses, reflect your pain and suffering, and help you move on with a positive, productive life.

I am attorney David Morowitz, founder of The Law Office of David Morowitz, Ltd., in Providence, Rhode Island. During my almost 30 years as a dedicated advocate for personal injury victims from all walks of life, I have obtained more than $50 million for my RI personal injury clients since 1994.

In every case I handle, I am determined to use my broad knowledge of RI personal injury law, criminal prosecution background and focused client commitment to safeguard my clients’ interests. Contact me today to arrange your free initial consultation, which can be conducted at your home or hospital room if your injury prevents travel.

Law Office Of David Morowitz, Ltd. — Compassion For You, Commitment To Justice

My problem-solving, client-committed Rhode Island law firm aggressively protects the rights of injury victims when negligence causes:

I am very selective about the cases I accept so I can devote my full time and attention to clients who are truly deserving — those whose worlds have been turned upside down by a sudden accumulation of lost income, medical expenses, vehicle replacement costs, emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, and the tragic loss of a loved one. I test strengths and weaknesses of a case in focus groups, investigate your accident exhaustively, prepare thoroughly, negotiate skillfully with insurers and if necessary, litigate forcefully for you in court.

My RI personal injury practice is all about convenience for you. I arm you with the facts and legal options you need for sound decisions, offer swift response to your questions and concerns throughout the process, keep you updated on the progress of your claim and deliver my quality legal services on a strict contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless I win your case. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by contacting me.

An Experienced RI Personal Injury Attorney In Providence

Speak with an RI personal injury attorney in Providence whose background as a criminal prosecutor has proved effective in Rhode Island personal injury claims for many years, and who can work to your advantage. Call (401) 226-0097 or email The Law Office of David Morowitz, Ltd., for a free consultation. I am ready to put my experience and expertise to work for you.